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Why is sites not loading?

There are many reasons a site might not load, such as misconfiguration, corrupt files, problems with a database, or something as simple as needing to clear your browser’s cache and cookies on your computer.Jun 5, 2021

Why some sites are not opening in Mobile?

The reason might be dns propagation of the website. It takes 24hrs to 48hrs to fully propagate website over all networks. Try clearing cache of your mobile browser and check. If it still not loading then un-install the browser form your phone and restart the phone and reinstall the browser again and try.

Why are videos not loading on websites?

Some video or game issues are caused by Chrome extensions, plugins, or something saved in your cache or browser data. On your computer, open Chrome. New Incognito Window. In the Incognito window, go to the site with the video or game.

Why do websites get stuck on loading?

Check you internet connection. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies and restart your web browser. Try a different web browser. This is often due to ad-blockers or other extensions in your browser that might prevent viewing our content.


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