why does pornhub roku take a day to load , why is pornhub slower than youtube?

Why is my Roku so slow to load?

The most common reason your Roku TV is so slow is because of a bad internet connection. Connect to your router’s 5GHz band (not 2.4GHz), make sure your router is close to your Roku, and ask family members to get offline.

Why is my Roku not loading content?

Rebooting your Roku device solves many major Roku issues, including channels that won’t open. You can reboot your device in a couple of ways: System restart: Select Home > Settings > System > System restart > Restart. You might need to go to System > Power on a Roku TV to find the System restart option.Jan 6, 2022

Why is Roku so delayed?

If your Roku TV is slow, update to the newest version and restart the device. Check the internet and remote connectivity. Outdated versions and unused apps eat up the memory, slowing down the Roku TV.May 16, 2022


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