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How do I use 10MinuteMail com?

How do I use 10MinuteMail? When you need an e-mail address to fill out an online form or registration, just open another window or tab and go to 10MinuteMail.com. The e-mail address you see on the page is yours. You are the only person who can see that address.

What is Tempmail used for?

Specifying our mail box we open the way for advertisements, unnecessary notifications and spam. If registration was done on some services then user can obtain hundreds of useless letters. Among this junk it’s very hard to find necessary messages. The main point about temporary mail is to solve this problem.Jun 7, 2021

Can 10 minute email be traced?

By using 10 Minutes Mail you remain anonymous. IP – address and other personal data is destroyed forever, no one would be able to track the real owner of the mailbox.May 12, 2021


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