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How do I control my Lovense vibrator?

When connected to the Lovense Remote app, the vibrator can be controlled via Bluetooth at close range—up to 20-45 feet—or over long distance through the Internet. You or your partner can control vibration amount, pattern, and intensity through the app.7 Feb 2021

Can you record on Lovense?

Today, a Reddit user pointed out that Hong Kong-based sex toy company Lovense’s remote control vibrator app (Lovense Remote) recorded a use session without their knowledge. An audio file lasting six minutes was stored in the app’s local folder.10 Nov 2017

Does the Lovense work?

It’s very powerful and the app works well. You can video chat once you give your partner control of it and it’s not hard to figure out how to use. The app video microphone is quieter for the toy holder than the controller. 10/10 would buy again and also would buy other toys by this brand.


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