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What is TrafficJunky net?

TrafficJunky is the leading adult online Ad Network that offers Advertisers large volumes of the quality web, mobile and tablet traffic & helps Publishers maximize their online inventory revenue. This Montreal, Canada-based company started their journey in 2008 and since then serving the online ad marketplace.

Which platform pays the most for videos?

1. Dailymotion. Dailymotion’s video monetization program earns you a revenue every time an ad is placed in your videos. It supports in-stream video ads to generate maximum earnings and helps you cultivate your audience by displaying relevant ad content.Feb 3, 2022

Can you make money with online videos?

Video monetization is the process of generating income through the videos you share online on any platform. This is usually achieved through advertising, subscriptions, or direct transactions. Video monetization is getting paid for the videos you create.Jul 14, 2021


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