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How do I scroll from a website on Firestick?

To scroll, users can say “scroll” combined with a direction (up, down, left, right) to move the focus through scrollable content in your app. For example, “Alexa, scroll left,” or “Alexa, scroll down.” With these commands, Fire TV moves the focus on screen in the desired direction.Nov 11, 2021

Can you look up websites on Amazon Fire Stick?

Use your Alexa Voice Remote buttons to search, navigate pages, and play, pause, and fast forward videos. You can also use the voice to text feature to quickly enter search terms, keywords, or websites. Browser apps present the web in full screen for an immersive and intuitive experience.

How do I scroll with my mouse on Firestick?

How to Scroll Pages with the Mouse Toggle? The first thing you need to do is bring up the Mouse Toggle cursor on the screen by pressing the Play/Pause button on the remote twice. Now, quickly press the following buttons on your remote one after the other in the same order: Play/Pause.May 1, 2022


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