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What nationality Masterbates the most?

When it comes to self-pleasure, Britain beats the United States and Spain to number one spot while the two others take second and third place respectively.Jan 30, 2020

How many times should I Mustarbate in a day?

Masturbating once every day is normal Medically, if you masturbate more than that, that is, more than once a day or seven times a week, it can be a problem. Also, there are other symptoms which also need to be checked against.Apr 8, 2021

Is Maturbating before bed good?

Masturbation does help you fall asleep, believe it or not. A study reported that 65% of participants who had an orgasm before going to bed reported better sleep quality. It also comes with a slew of other benefits, such as: Reduced stress levels.Feb 1, 2022


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